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The EASY Retirement Planning Guide M.T.  Anderson

The EASY Retirement Planning Guide

M.T. Anderson

Kindle Edition
182 pages
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 About the Book 

Stop worrying about retirement and start doing something about it!Whether youre new to the world of retirement investing or have been around the block a time or two and are looking for tips, The EASY Retirement Planning Guide can help you choose the right places to put your money.You can learn how to invest your money successfully. Once you understand the system, its simply a matter of putting your money in a handful of places.You can spend as little as a few hours a month on your retirement fund and still manage to outperform the professionals. Read this book and find out how.This handy book gives you real-world advice in simple and understandable language that will allow you to stop worrying about the ups and downs of the stock market. You will learn how to protect your money from loss while putting your money in the best places to squeeze every last dime out of it that you can.Topics covered in this book include:- The mistakes most investors are making that could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.- What you need to know about the language of investment.- The difference between saving money and investing money and how it could be costing (or making) you big bucks.- How to avoid locking in big losses in your investment accounts.- How to get more impressive returns than the experts (Its really easy!).- What debt needs to be paid down before you start investing in retirement and what debt you can carry and still invest.- How to get free money from your employer for your retirement fund.- How low-income investors can get the government to match a portion of their investment.- How to find the best mutual funds to put your money in.- What diversification is and why its absolutely critical.- The one type of fund you can buy that provides instant diversification.All of these topics are covered, plus lots more. Buy this book now and get started on your way to an easy and comfortable retirement!