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Mine Will, Said John Helen V. Griffith

Mine Will, Said John

Helen V. Griffith

ISBN : 9780688842673
32 pages
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 About the Book 

In Her Own Words...What I like about writing books is that I can sit and think about things that most adults never think about, and its okay because Im a childrens book writer.I can imagine what my dog is dreaming about or what she and my cat discuss when Im not around. I can design a time machine or make up a tall tale, and nobody says, Grow up, Helen--because Im a childrens book writer.I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, and I work in the family business. Were distributors of roofing and siding materials, and Ive never yet gotten a story inspiration from that. Most of my ideas seem to come from dogs I have known.My grandfather was part of our family and used to read to me a lot-the Sunday funny papers, turn-of-the-century primers, and The Arabian Nights. When I could read for myself, I read fairy tales, dog and horse stories, and comic books by the dozen.I started writing poems and the beginnings of novels by the age of seven or eight, but I was forty before I thought about writing for publication.For fun, I like reading (especially Anthony Trollope) and birdwatching, and Ive just started learning to play old-time fiddle!